This paper aims to explore form and function of overlap sequences in a classroom talk and how they affect the formation of gender and language identities of pupils in Serbian and Hungarian classes in the final year of bilingual primary schools in Subotica (Vojvodina) in the year 2015. The corpus consists of the fine transcript of two video recordings of mother tongue lessons in Serbian and Hungarian classes in the final year of primary schools. The results confirm differences in overlaps performed by male and female pupils and by a teacher in both cultural micro-groups, which influence their conversational status.

Keywords: classroom talk, gender, Hungarian class, overlaps, Serbian class

Bašaragin, Margareta; Savić, Svenka (2016). “Overlapping in Classroom Talk: Interplay of Gender and Language”, In: Programme Booklet of The 9th International Gender and Language Association Conference IGALA “Time and Transition: Gender, sexuality discourse and language”, 19-21.05.2016.g., City University, Hong Kong, China, 31.

Ph. D. Margareta Bašaragin and Ph. D. emerita Svenka Savić